What exactly is Monocouche render?

Let’s start with the fundamentals! Monocouche is a common style of exterior house render that is intended to protect the property from the weather while also adding a decorative touch.

The term “monocouche” is French in origin and means “single layer” or “single bed,” as you could have guessed from the name. This sort of render began in continental Europe and has subsequently gained favour in the United Kingdom.

This is because it just takes one layer, lasts longer than traditional renders, and, because it is a coloured render, it does not require masonry paint to be added afterwards. All of this combines to make monocouche render a practical, high-quality option for

The application of monocouche

Monocouche render comes in bags like regular rendering mixes and is ready to be mixed with water before being applied to the wall. It takes between 5 and 36 hours for the monocouche render to completely dry, and you may apply it with a hand trowel or a sprayer (depending on the weather conditions and humidity).

In most cases, two passes are used to apply one layer of monocouche render. Before making the second pass, it’s crucial to get the initial pass smooth. Your mixture must have the ideal spreadable consistency to enable this. Here, the level of expertise of the professional has a significant impact on the final product’s overall quality.

How good is monocouche render?

As we previously stated, monocouche type renders are advised by experts due to their thickness, durability, and wide range of potential stylistic options for the finish. To choosing monocouche render for your property, consider the following factors:

Monocouche renderings are pre-colored and come in a variety of hues since they are pre-mixed on a base of white cement. Therefore, there is no need to paint over it. Once the render has dried, the job is complete, and your property has a beautiful look you can be proud of.

Rendering often takes a few days, sometimes even weeks, because each layer of render must completely dry before the next one can be added. Monocouche is a thick render, thus it just needs one layer, so you won’t have to worry about that.

A layer of monocouche, which is approximately 15mm thick, is sufficient to shield your home from the elements and keep you safe from inclement weather.

Due of its versatility, monocouche render is among the greatest rendering options available today. You can lessen the likelihood of fractures since some additives are utilised by professionals. A high-end, self-cleaning option is also available, which takes even less upkeep to look the part.

That’s correct. You should anticipate your monocouche render to last for more than 25 years without cracking or requiring repainting. It’s one of the most long-lasting renders on the market.

improved energy efficiency

Monocouche render offers better thermal properties because to its thickness, which means that your home will be warmer throughout the winter months. It’s an excellent strategy to cut your heating expenditures.

Because monocouche render can be applied straight on brickwork, you may render older homes as well as add extensions to your property while maintaining a smooth, uniform finish throughout the walls.

Monocouche render

What about the cracks?

As good as monocouche render is, no rendering is resistant to cracking over time. Monocouche has a minimum life expectancy of at least 25 years. However, cracks will ultimately form. If you find yourself in this circumstance, you will most likely want to know how simple it is to repair them.

Smaller cracks may be repaired quite easily. They may be filled, and if done correctly, the texture and durability of the rendered will be as good as new. The only issue you could have is getting the colours to match. It may be tough to identify the perfect match if the monocouche render had a very vivid colour that faded as it aged.

If this occurs, your renderer can offer you a further repainting service to restore the original appearance, colour, and finish of the external wall.

Large cracks should not show unless the render is defective or has a major flaw. If this occurs, you must immediately call an expert to fix the damage and advise you on the necessary repairs as well as the project cost.

Colours and finishes for monocouche render, as well as painting over monocouche render

As previously stated, monocouche is a coloured render. There are hundreds of colours and tints to pick from, with each manufacturer offering a variety of colour palettes to suit every taste. Furthermore, monocouche is available in a variety of smooth and textured finishes, allowing you to truly personalise the design of your house.

Painting over monocouche render isn’t required because the rendering will accomplish the appropriate artistic impact on its own. However, if you want to freshen the outside of your property in a few years or decide it’s time for a total colour change, you may paint over monocouche render. It’s very absorbent and can be painted over with any type of paint you choose.

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